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Types Of Disability That You May Need To Apply In San Diego, CA

When it comes to applying for disability in San Diego, CA, there are different forms of it for certain people. Depending on your case, you will get one of the three disability options available, which you can apply for through the help of social security attorneys San Diego. Learn information about San Diego, CA here.

Three types of disability to apply for include:

  • Partial Disability
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term/Permanent Disability

Partial Disability

One type of disability to apply for is partial disability. With this form of disability, one may only be partially disabled, limiting them to certain tasks, meaning they are still able to work depending on the job and tasks at hand while still receiving disability for their loss of use of part of the body. See also about 2 Free Aspects Of Working With A Disability Attorney In San Diego, CA.

Short-Term Disability

Short-term disability is what people turn to when they are only disabled for a period of time due to an injury. While there are limits to how long you must be out of work, this is a great option for people that are on their way to recovery.

Long-Term/Permanent Disability

Sometimes when you are permanently disabled after being on short-term disability, you can receive the help of social security attorneys San Diego to apply for long-term disability. This is for people who are permanently disabled and can’t work as a result.

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