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Common Mistakes on Social Security Disability Applications

Common Mistakes on Social Security Disability Applications


As you’re filling out your application for Social Security Disability, it is normal to worry that you will say the wrong thing. Many claimants feel that just one misstep could trigger an automatic denial of benefits. We can understand why you would feel that way; filing for Social Security Disability can be a lengthy and nerve-wracking process.

In reality, though, the most common mistakes originate from not saying enough, rather than saying the “wrong” things. It’s human nature to downplay symptoms or difficulties, whether out of politeness or a sense of pride, or something else. Perhaps you simply worry that you’re offering an overwhelming amount of information, so you feel tempted to pare it down. But when you’re filling out your application for Social Security Disability, this is absolutely the right time to be thorough and truthful about all aspects of your health.

In order to determine whether you are disabled sufficiently to warrant benefits, Social Security needs all of the information you can offer regarding your situation. Remember to include information such as:

  • Detailed descriptions of each symptom
  • A list of every doctor and health professional you have seen regarding your disability or associated difficulties
  • A list of all medications you have been prescribed
  • Descriptions of all medication side effects
  • Information on how your impairments affect your daily living and ability to work (be specific)

Also remember to offer a detailed work history, and descriptions of all job duties, for each job that you have held at least three months. Social Security considers your work history, age, education, and impairments when deciding whether you can still work. They need to understand exactly how your health status now limits your abilities.

We can help you determine the type of information that you need to include on your application for Social Security Disability. Give us a call, and we will assess your case and help you decide how to proceed.