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How to Check on the Status of a Social Security Disability Claim

How to Check on the Status of a Social Security Disability Claim


If you filed for Social Security Disability several months ago (or more), you might understandably feel anxious about the status of your case. It is not uncommon for many months to pass without any word from Social Security. But you can, and often should, follow up and inquire about the status of your claim.

If you’ve recently filed… For those who have recently filed, and are still in the first stage of the application process, you can check the status of your claim online at if you have previously established a My Social Security account. You will need the confirmation number and password issued to you by Social Security.

You can also call your local Social Security office or your representative at the Disability Determination Services (“DDS”). This person can provide a general update on your case, but usually cannot tell you when it will be decided or whether there are any obstacles to be addressed. Those details will be communicated to you by letter.

If you have appealed for reconsideration… If your initial claim was denied and you are now awaiting the first stage of the reconsideration process, you can contact your local Social Security office or DDS and speak to your claims examiner. You can usually obtain the number for this office from your local Social Security representative.

Your claims examiner can tell you whether your case is still pending. You can also ask if there is anything you can provide that might help to speed up the process.

If your case is awaiting a hearing… If you haven’t received an update, it is fine to contact the regional hearing office to be sure that they did receive your case. Contacting your local Social Security office, or the Disability Determination Services, won’t be helpful at this point.

Do keep in mind that cases at the hearing level of appeal are seriously backlogged at times, and it might be a year or more before you receive a hearing date. This doesn’t mean that there is a problem with your case.

If you prefer, you can ask your disability lawyer to make these calls for you. If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, give us a call to discuss your case. If we represent you during your appeal, we can make these phone calls, check for updates on your case, and help you to stay on top of all deadlines.