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Disability Attorney In Murrieta CA: How Hiring One Will Be Beneficial For You

Disability Attorney In Murrieta CA: How Hiring One Will Be Beneficial For You


There are a lot of disability attorneys that you can hire in Murietta, CA. However, it is important that you be able to differentiate one lawyer from another. Not all disability lawyers are the same. Although these are considered to be professionals in the field of law, they are still individuals that have different sets of personalities. You should hire a disability attorney in Murietta CA that you feel comfortable working with and that you can trust.

A disability attorney is someone that you should call for help when you are interested in filing for a social security disability claim. Although there could be some individuals that you know that have gone through the process all on their own, working with a disability attorney in Murietta, CA will help you get better results. Yes, rejection of social security disability applications is a common scenario in this area. Even if you have complied with all of the state’s requirements and have gone through the required steps, if the panel does not see your application as fit for a disability benefit, then your application will be denied. You can choose whether to get help from a disability attorney before you start filing for a claim, or you may also hire a lawyer when you appeal to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) decision.

Main Reasons On Why You Should Hire A Disability Attorney

There could be a lot of reasons why you should hire a disability attorney in Murietta, CA. For the most part, most clients want to get approved on their first try. However, if rejected, clients will then rely on an attorney to help them out with their appeals. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you may need to get a disability attorney.

They can give you feedback on why your case was denied

If you are hiring the services of a disability attorney after your application has been denied, expect that these lawyers will ask for the details of your application. The SSA might not give you the reasons why you are denied, but a disability attorney should be able to. Since they have been in the business for so long and have dealt with thousands of cases that are almost the same as yours, they should be able to deal with it easily. They could also spot where you have gone wrong in your application after they have taken a look at it. You have to keep in mind that not all disability attorneys will accept your case. Most of the time, they will only accept those cases that they think have a fair shot of getting approved. Hence, looking for a disability attorney that would think your case could succeed may pose as a challenging task for you.

Gather the needed medical evidence

For any disability claims, the most important evidence that you can use as a back-up for your appeal is your medical records. Your lawyer will ask you to sign a medical privacy release so they can have access to your medical records. Your lawyers will take the time to look through them and find which ones would make a strong back-up to the claims that you are presenting. A disability attorney in Murietta CA can also personally contact your doctors to get their written statements about your diagnosis, prognosis, and residual functional capacity assessment. These documents can help your lawyer build a strong appeal for you. These pieces of evidence, when provided by your physician, should be able to show the functional limitations of your disability, which can prohibit you from working.

Conduct a pre-hearing meeting

You know that you are working with a seasoned disability attorney in Murietta, CA when they do everything they can to make sure that you are prepared to file that appeal. Your lawyer will brief you with the possible questions that you are to encounter when the appeal is filed. This is called a pre-hearing meeting. Your lawyer will ask you questions such as the following:

  • Describe the symptoms of your disability.
  • Can you walk a flight of stairs?
  • What are the things that are keeping you busy at the moment?

Your lawyer will also teach you how you can answer the question in such a way that you are highlighting your inability to go to work. Although this might be a tricky situation to deal with since most SSA staff have possibly heard all of the possible “right” answers for such questions. However, it is how you are going to phrase your answer and make it more personal.

Develop a theory for your case

Before your set hearing, your disability attorney will develop a theory for your situation. Based on the evidence presented and the history of everything that has transpired during your application, your lawyer should come up with a strategy. This is what he will use on how your case will be presented in court. Some of the usual theories can be that your condition meets a certain disability, or if you are not in the best physical shape to perform the tasks that you were once able to do when you did not have any disabilities.

It Is Crucial That You Get Your Application Approved For Your Second Try

No one likes to be rejected, especially when they are dealing with something as crucial as a social security disability claim. If you have failed on your first try, then do not worry, it is an understandable scenario for any social disability application. However, you will have the best chance of winning on your second attempt by getting the services of a seasoned disability attorney in Murietta, CA.