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Social Security Disability for Heart Conditions

Social Security Disability for Heart Conditions


If you suffer from a serious heart condition, at some point you might decide to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security does indeed approve some disability applications for heart conditions, with most falling under the SSA impairment listings for ischemic heart disease (coronary artery disease and heart attacks) or chronic heart failure (congestive heart failure). However, some other heart conditions might also qualify.

As with any other disabling condition, Social Security will evaluate your claim on an individual basis, and will include both your medical history as well as your ability to work when making their decision. So, while it’s impossible for us to give you the odds of an approval in a single blog, we can answer some general questions regarding Social Security disability and heart conditions.

What is the evaluation procedure for coronary heart disease? When evaluating these cases, Social Security looks at your ability to work, since exertion is a key factor in your risk of heart attack. Benefits are often awarded when your ability to work is so limited that most jobs are off-limits to you.

What is the procedure for evaluating congestive heart failure? With congestive heart failure cases, the evaluation procedure is much more complicated. Expect to submit extensive medical evidence, and you might be asked for additional tests or physician’s evaluations.

What about other conditions like congenital heart disease (present from birth) or mitral valve prolapse? These cases are evaluated on a very individual basis. That’s because congenital heart disease and mitral valve prolapse can vary wildly in severity. Social Security examiners will need to feel convinced that all or most jobs are too strenuous for you.

What about arrhythmia cases? Arrhythmia cases are not commonly approved for disability benefits, unless frequent fainting and other symptoms significantly impair your ability to work.

Can heart transplant patients receive Social Security Disability? Yes, heart transplant patients usually do qualify for disability. The variation in these cases comes down to how long complications from the procedure last. Social Security will evaluate your ability to work, as with other heart conditions, and your benefits will generally be awarded according to the length of time you need for recovery.

As you can see, heart conditions are gauged by the same standards as other disabling conditions. Social Security claims are judged on your functional limitations and ability to work, and of course the severity of your condition.

If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability benefits for your heart condition, you have the right to appeal the decision. During your wait, gathering more medical evidence for your claim can help you win an appeal. Give us a call, and our experienced Disability attorneys can help you understand the types of documentation Social Security requires, and guide you throught the process of gathering the necessary evidence.