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San Diego Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, and Probate Administration

We understand that planning the future of your estate can be a difficult and emotional subject. It can also be challenging on a practical angle, as you sort through the legal options available to you. Our office has decades of experience planning wills and trusts in the San Diego area, and we will put our knowledge to work for you.

Planning your estate will involve a series of decisions for yourself and your heirs. Fortunately, we have many years of experience drafting trusts and wills that reflect our clients’ wishes.  Whether you want to ensure the security of your spouse and children, or leave a gift to a special charity or non-profit group, we can help to make your dreams a reality. Our attorneys can draft a trust or a will that allows your hard work to translate into a valuable legacy for your heirs.

For those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, we offer compassionate and professional assistance as the estate moves through the probate process. This period of time can be challenging, and we believe you deserve the time you need to grieve peacefully without the hassle of arduous court procedures.

California law requires survivors to file a Will with the Court within 30 days following a death. The probate process might then last from 8 months to several years, depending upon the complexity of the estate and any objections which may be raised. During this time, there will be a number of legal obligations to fulfill, involving forms which must be filed at certain stages in the process. These procedures are in place to ensure that all creditors are paid, and assets are properly distributed to heirs.

Obviously, this can be a long and stressful time for the estate’s heirs, and the process can be further complicated if even one step in the process is not accurately completed during the required time period. Let our experienced team handle the legal aspects of processing the estate, to ensure a timely and uncomplicated resolution.

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